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healing mushrooms a practical and culinary guide to using - tero isokauppila is the founder and president of four sigmatic a natural superfoods company specializing in mushroom based drink powders tero grew up in finland and later earned a degree in chemistry and a certificate in plant based nutrition at cornell university, the green pharmacy guide to healing foods proven natural - the green pharmacy guide to healing foods proven natural remedies to treat and prevent more than 80 common health concerns james a duke on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers upon its publication more than a decade ago dr james duke s the green pharmacy quickly set the standard for consumer herb references a favorite of laypeople and professionals alike, 6 health benefits of bentonite clay dr group s healthy - for centuries cultures the world over have turned to ancient clays like bentonite for therapeutic purposes ranging from healing rashes and bug bites to drawing out poisons and promoting digestive health, what are the health benefits of sunflower seeds health - the health benefits of sunflower seeds are similar to nuts that provide a high content of monounsaturated fat and arginine research studies have shown that the important nutrients a sunflower provides are often in insufficient supply in the american diet, cayenne pepper capsicum medicinal use and health benefits - cayenne pepper and medicinal qualities dr patrick quillin cayenne pepper prized for thousands of years for its healing power folklore from around the world recounts amazing results using cayenne pepper in simple healing and in baffling health problems, what are the health benefits of eating chestnuts health - a healthy diet is rich in foods with high nutritional value providing your body with the vitamins minerals and other food nutrients it needs to protect against disease and maintain a healthy weight, miracle of healing clay - miracle of healing clay clay is renowned to have many uses in promoting health in plants animals and humans calcium bentonite pascalite and other types of healing clays have been used by indigenous cultures since before recorded history, malunggay herbal medicine health benefits side effects - malunggay has a long history of medical usage and has a long list of folkloric health benefits for the following conditions malunggay is widely believed to contain high value nutrients and consumption of which promotes general well being, alternative medicine approaches to disease - the following articles are culled from alternative medicine review the premier alt med journal most of these articles recommend nutritional supplementation as a component of case management please refer to our nutrition section for more information regarding specific nutrients of interest search the alt med section please read our nutrition disclaimer, amfi herbal medicine resource guide - books note the following resource listings are not intended to be comprehensive nor to be used as a guide for treatment they are provided for information only the resources are selected and categorized to help you with your own research, survival books preparedness books homesteading books - the survival center book section contains several hundred of the most unusual hard to find books anywhere including in depth selections on health science alternative living wisdom literature preparedness emergency supplies cooking building projects solar energy survival and more, new eden school of natural health and herbal studies - description a comprehensive guide to using essential oils in health beauty and well being this course in aromatherapy offers countless uses from cosmetics to therapeutics for balancing body mind and spirit the authors of the textbook draw on 75 combined years of experience in botanical therapies keville and green update their complete guide with the latest information for aromatherapy, what is stevia side effects safety dangers and health - if you re an avid reader here you must already know that disease and dark dangers lurk beneath the pearly whiteness of sugar too much of it makes you moody fat and eventually sick and diabetic, healthy eating the truth about mucus healing art community - dr sebi lecturing in philadelphia on eating to live in order to be healthy you have to have a good mental science about yourself dr sebi in this lecture talks about eating food to live as opposed to eating food for taste and gluttony or for any of those added features that has been glorified in western civilization