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sedimentary petrology an introduction to the origin of - buy sedimentary petrology an introduction to the origin of sedimentary rocks on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, petrology of sedimentary rocks robert l folk - dr bob folk s petrology of sedimentary rocks a book written for geology students at the university of texas austin should be read by every geologist, sedimentary rock siliceous rocks britannica com - sedimentary rock siliceous rocks those siliceous rocks composed of an exceptionally high amount of crystalline siliceous material mainly the mineral quartz especially microcrystalline quartz and fibrous chalcedony and amorphous opal are most commonly known as chert a wide variety of rock names are applied to cherty rocks reflecting their colour flint is dark chert jasper is usually, sedimentary rock definition formation examples - sedimentary rock sedimentary rock rock formed at or near the earth s surface by the accumulation and lithification of sediment or by the precipitation from solution at normal surface temperatures sedimentary rocks are the most common rocks exposed on the earth s surface but are only a minor constituent of the entire crust, weathering of granite sedimentary rocks sepm strata - 3 in this third photo left the granite has crumbled into a pile of decomposing igneous minerals and their weathering products such as clay and other new sedimentary minerals such weathered material is called grus and is commonly found at the base of granite slopes it is entrained and transported by rain streams and rivers to the sea to be deposited as sedimentary rock, chapter 4 classification of sedimentary carbonate rocks - the objective of this chapter is to evaluate some of the proposed classifications of sedimentary carbonate rocks and to present suggestions for naming and describing them, colorado rocks cliffshade com - petrology the study of rocks may sound absurd to some but it s more practical than it sounds rocks hold the only available record of the history of our one and only planet they also hold the key to two of the great pillars of human economy mineral wealth and agricultural vigor, eclogite metamorphic rocks sandatlas - eclogite is a metamorphic rock consisting of pyroxene omphacite and pyrope rich garnet it is a rare but geologically significant rock type it is common in the upper mantle especially in regions occupied by subducted oceanic plates