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religion in pakistan wikipedia - the state religion in pakistan is islam which is practiced by 96 of the population freedom of religion is guaranteed by the pakistan constitution the pakistani constitution established a fundamental right in which all pakistani citizens irrespective of religions have equal rights, country reports on terrorism 2016 east asia and pacific - east asia and pacific overview in 2016 terrorist attacks occurred in australia indonesia malaysia the philippines and thailand isis affiliated operatives attempted but failed to conduct additional attacks in indonesia and the philippines and a number of other terrorist attacks were foiled by arresting or deporting individuals who were in various stages of attack planning in these, international religious freedom report for 2017 state - global overview includes an overarching summary and key information from the year s report hover over countries regions for a list of countries and other areas click a region to narrow the list click a country or other area to see that report within a report hover over table of contents to see the topics covered in the report click a topic to jump to it in the report, culture of indonesia history people traditions women - identification the republic of indonesia the world s fourth most populous nation has 203 million people living on nearly one thousand permanently settled islands, the indonesian legal system and legal research globalex - the indonesian legal system and legal research by alamo d laiman dewi savitri reni ronald lengkong and sigit ardiyanto published september 2009 updated by tom kimbrough on july 2011, indonesia education country studies - indonesia table of contents the character of indonesia s educational system reflects its diverse religious heritage its struggle for a national identity and the challenge of resource allocation in a poor but developing archipelagic nation with a young and rapidly growing population, amazon com webs of power women kin and community in a - the book makes a significant contribution to both gender studies and anthropology for it is one of the few books that provides an empirical basis for the reality of women s social power