The Ethiopian Borderlands Essays In Regional History From Ancient Times To The End Of The 18th Century By Richard Pankhurst 1996 03 01 -

history of ethiopia wikipedia - the earliest records of ethiopia appear in ancient egypt during the old kingdom period egyptian traders from about 3000 bc refer to lands south of nubia or kush as punt and yam the ancient egyptians were in possession of myrrh found in punt which richard pankhurst interprets to indicate trade between the two countries was extant from ancient egypt s beginnings, a social history of ethiopia the northern and central - reading this book which covers ethiopian social history from the middle ages to the reign of tewodros ii in the mid nineteenth century reminded me more than once of reading an indian textbook at least 20th century indian textbooks, history of eritrea wikipedia - eritrea is an ancient name associated in the past with its greek form erythraia and its derived latin form erythr a this name relates to that of the red sea then called the erythr an sea from the greek for red erythros the italians created the colony of eritrea in the 19th century around asmara and named it with its current name